Wallstrip videos Integrated into Stockpickr

James Altucher moves fast at Stockpickr.com. Today they integrated Wallstrip, Street.tv and CNBC videos into their portfolios.

Here is how it works (from James):

We just launched Stockpickr Video. Here’s how it works. Each day we
are cataloging the best financial videos from around the Internet.
Videos from thestreet.com, Wallstrip, cnbc.com, and potentially dozens
of other sources.

There are four ways to run into videos on the site:

– For every portfolio, if any stocks in the portfolio are mentioned in
any of the videos in our database then you will see a “Videos Related
to this Portfolio” box with links to all of the related videos.
– For every stock, if the stock is mentioned in any video then you
will see a box on the page, “Videos that mention this stock:” with
links to all the videos
– Click on VIDEO in our top nav bar to see all the most recently added videos
– Click on Search and choose Video in the pull down menu to search any
videos. Try searching “Cramer” for instance or “Wallstrip”.

Every day the videos are updated so you can check back to your
portfolios each day to see if there are updates.

A new addition to stock and portfolio research for the masses.

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  1. fred says:

    it’s nice that they did this, but they really need thumbnails, not links, for the videos.

    people have been trained that videos are thumbnailed on the web.

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