Wallstrip – Week One

Long week, but a rewarding one.

Apple had great earnings and a pop, we had no lawsuits for copyright infringment for our RIMM show, Chipotle’s showed us that they can goof around and still do their job and we had some shocking fun with Adobe and a great conversation on where it could go. The conversation and comments all week were great. We have great, highly focused information widgets from Buzztracker and Instant Information ,

Today we have a gossip show with Dealbreaker . It is a fun change of pace from the daily show and stock opinions and we are working with Michelle Leder of Footnoted.org on a format for a show as well.

We are learning as we go but everybody looked natural and the writing was excellent all over the site.

I have always wanted to explore Wall Street, trading and investing from the company side of things. Flip the model. It is the companies, the brands that the employees build , the employees, the traders, bloggers and foot soldiers of Wall Street that are totally ignored by big Media. All day, we see talking heads, flickering prices, opinions from managers at giant mutual funds and the analysts from banks. They have become the stars.

It seems as if the media has forgotten about the company and people behind the scenes that may not be paying their advertising bills, but our buying the stock and relying on the capital markets for a living. Good for us.

Since no journalists were interested in asking about our audience, just questioned it and whether there was any, who am I to tell them :) .

We will just go about making shows about the companies that America and the rest of the world are clamoring for and discuss whether they will be clamoring for them in the future.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Bill aka NO DooDahs says:

    This crap has an audience?

    Just kidding, but from the nay-sayers I’d have thought there was no audience. However, it’s interesting to note that history is not full of rich and successful nay-sayers …

  2. Steven says:

    Bill: Yeah unfortunatly crap always has an audience witness this weeks chant of DOW 12,000 on the mainstream media.

    HL: Focus on the company and not the market….hmmm…better be careful or people might think you are going soft and sounding like Buffett/Munger…LOL…not that this would be a bad thing.

    Maybe if you get with some hollywood types you can do a movie about a guy who has a wild dream…about building something that has no audience…he keeps hearing…build it they will come…over and over…Costner can play you…oh wait they did that movie already.

    Congrats on making it through week one.

  3. Tom says:

    I built a neural net model of Wallstrip if it every IPO’d and posted it on my site. I did it just for you Howard! LOL.

  4. Howard Lindzon says:

    Tom – your link is bad – but that gets on the show next friday – my son is on it – insode tip

    That is classic.

    You guys are so cool. i appreciate the support

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