Wallstrip – Why Optimism Matters

We are human and it’s o.k. to be negative. It can be fun at times. BUT…it’s just is a much harder road to success in America and it’s almost an impossible road on Wall Street.

Today on Wallstrip , we update some of our stock ideas that we have covered over the first 100 plus shows. Stocks that I have owned and recently sold, stocks I don’t care to own and stocks I should have owned and may be for you. All great American businesses…until they are’nt :) .

The negative case is easy. They are overvalued, products of financial engineering, one trick ponies, yada yada yada.

Yes – there is always a negative case. You sound smarter and funnier too. Great at cocktail parties (though I know these negative people and the chicks avoid them). But, after 15 plus years of investing, trading, reading, winning and losing, I decided that on Wall Street, it pays to be optimistic and focus on positive opportunities. There are literally thousands of them.

Hence Wallstrip .

Here is the other way to be . Read the first half NOW. Like I said, he sounds smart. If you agree and still think like him and trade like him, move to France and don’t invest in the stock market. The optimists will take your money over time.

Being a bear is hip for sure. At times, you look like a genius. Most of the time though, you get scared and panic at the wrong time as you face infinite losses. You miss your ten minutes of fame anyway. I figure it is easier to link to these geniuses for those negatively inclined viewers and go about my business of looking at the glass 3/4 full.

You should too.

PS – UPDATE – Most important no matter which style you choose is DISCIPLINE. Shit happens in the stock market that will expose your weaknesses. Thanks Eddie for the great market history posts

Disclosure – no positions in any of the stocks mentioned today on Wallstrip.


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