I Want Dumb Pipes and Smart Apps…

Net Neutrality was a big subject this week.

I hate everything about the term. The chance that our government cares about me and the web or any form of neutrality is zero. The idea that Verizon cares about the speed of my web if given enough power scares me to death. I don’t worry about the ‘grassy knoll’, but I do believe Verizon throttles my internet.

My Verizon bill has been climbing for months. They text me. I have to dig up passwords, maiden names, SS numbers just to talk to someone. From my understanding of the NSA and Verizon, they know everything about me, so why can’t they actually use it in the moment I actually need it.

In the meantime, my apps are getting smarter and lighter. Here is an Instagram I took while running the other day:

I pulled, aimed, shot, captioned and now with some ’embed code’ posted it her to share. I love this photo. I don’t even know how to take a photo. Verizon’s role?

Last week at CES, I ran into Mark Cuban. I thought it would be fun if he gave my son a shoutout. Obviously he had read about my move to Chairman and goofed on me. With my iPhone and Instagram I caught the video:

I love my iPhone and love my Instagram but I don’t love that Verizon gets to decide on how my internet and apps will look like in the years ahead. I am all for paying a fair price, but only Verizon keeps needing to switch it from month to month. It seems like the government is letting this one Company decide on how to best build bandwith and technology for the country. It feels like we will go backward in time.

As for unintended consequences, please read Fred’s post , the gist being:

This is Internet 3.0. With yesterday’s court ruling saying that the FCC can not implement the net neutrality rules they adopted a while back, this nightmare is a likely reality. Telcos will pick their preferred partners, subsidize the data costs for those apps, and make it much harder for new entrants to compete with the incumbents.

Backwards is never good for markets, growth, your investments or your pocketbook.


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