I Want To Sleep While I’m Alive

I googled ‘I Want to Sleep While I’m Alive’ and the first result was Bon Jovi’s ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead‘.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead has it’s own Wikipedia page.

I guess I now own the search term’I Want to Sleep While I’m Alive’ with this blog post.

I write about sleep a lot on this blog.

When I was young I reveled in my ability to stay awake.

In college, 2 am meant everyone else was asleep and I could begin to cram.

I marvel at people that tell me about their naps and I hold a special disdain for people that can sleep in an airplane middle seat (not those knocked out by United Airlines staff of course).

I’m not alone in saying I want to sleep when I’m alive.

I think sleep is a superpower.

No wonder Resmed ($RMD) continues to make all-time highs:

They are the only pure play public company that focuses on sleep. Hedge funds that want sleep exposure have to own it. Back in 2006, I Wallstripped Respironics which is a competitor to Resmed (since gobbled up). Here is the proof (go to minute 2-30 to laugh at me).

I kick myself for not holding this stock. The fact that I sold it 15 points ago is just another reason I will sleep restlessly tonight.

I’m cursed.

PS – If someone wants to start a ‘SLEEP’ ETF …hit me up. I think it will perform better than the ‘Blockchain ETF’s’ launching daily.

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