Was just the 'IDEA' of a Wallstrip Dow 13,000 show the Kiss of Death….Nah!

I bugged the Wallstrip crew to get a feel for the bullishness and they hit the street for a Dow 13,000 show last week. We wanted to know when!

Funny stuff as usual from the citizens. Who knew that a 400 plus point drop in the DOW and a 9 percent decline in China awaited us?

You can’t cry about it, like this loser , you need to keep yourself alert for the opportunities that come along after a selloff like this. Is it the beginning of the end? Is this a pause that refreshes?

For the US, my opinion is this is a pause that refreshes. BUT, I am long and still comfortable with what I own. I am looking to add some Wallstrip stocks and a little Starbucks down here.

The selloff was freaking serious. Period .

The Chairman suggests that the sub-prime debacles of the last few months created this . I mainly agree especially as to this being a selloff related to confidence.

Uber smart Roger writes about who made the big money yesterday – Futures Traders!

Brian takes a look at the Indexes as they stand now and helps map out the possibilities going forward:

So, is 13,000 something that is now years away?

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  1. Mr Angry says:

    Is there any trend in a Wallstrip curse? Have any companies you featured run into trouble straight after? You don’t want to end up like the cover of Wired magazine. Being featured by Wired is a sure sign you’re on the way out.

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