Wassup! at New Highs…

Tobacco wins a big ruling in Florida today and the stocks of Philip Morris et al. hit new highs today. Sweet group of people :)

Talk about the best investment of all time.

Speaking of death and pain, why not start a company that sells massive amounts of sugar candy in a flamboyant and aggressive way. Rottenteeth.com is now mine and look for my first product soon. Massive super sours that weigh 4 pounds. Coupons for dentists. I am going to be shameless.

I was reading today that CROX – maker of rubber shoes has a $1 billion market cap. Though I am not a believer or shareholder – You just gotta give it up for these guys. Well done.

Qwest and US Airways hit new highs today. What!!!!!!

One new high I do plan on owning tomorrow is Sanofi Aventis (SNY). The maker of Ambien saw its stock hit an all-time high today, despite the news a few months back of sleep driving and sleep carb loading. I knew this was just a crap story . From my personal experience, Ambien may be the great legal drug off all time Ambien may be the great legal drug of all-time. As we age as a nation, sleep disorders and their solutions is likely to be the biggest grandaddy of all investment themes – next to bedwetting :)