Water on Wallstrip


I learned a lot from today’s Wallstrip show on water conglomerate Suez (SZE).

Look at the sweet trend in WATER.

Early in the year I bought into Powershares Water Resources (PHO) – an ETF proxy for water stocks. Their top ten holdings does not include Suez.

I will let the show speak for itself on the Company. The risks are discussed in detail.

In areas that I believe, but do not fully understand, The ETF is a sweet substitute for the individual stock. I may give away the homerun, but I participate in the trend without the day to day worries.

At this point I will be looking to add to my position in PHO on a new all-time high.

Disclosure – Long PHO

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  1. Nick Fenton says:

    I recently took profits on my PHO shares. Todays pull back to uptrend support provides an attractive re-entry IMO.

    I see you prefer to wait for new all time highs. I am also watching the 19 previous high resistance level very closely. I think PHO is a solid buy and hold…I just can’t seem to stop myself from trading it! :o

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