We Wanted Flying Cars and All we Got was Verizon and Donald Trump

I’m back home in the USA. New York specifically.

It’s good to be home.

Nothing has changed…Donald Trump wants us to sell stocks, hate our neighbors and (eventually I assume) turn them in…and Verizon just bought Yahoo.

I love this line from Ben Evans:

Marissa Mayer wrote a ‘reflecting’ blog post on Tumblr (Yahoo is only down $750 million on this investment so far or about 200 million per Marissa blog post) – here it is.

She mentions that Yahoo ‘changed the world’ TWICE in her letter. She had Trump people write this letter it seems.

Matt Levine at Bloomberg had a great recap of the deal.

And yes…I can’t stand the idea of Donald Trump as president of the USA.

I am as right wing as the most far right on certain issues and as liberal as the most liberal on certain.

The last time we had GOLD as the main color of a leader they were called Pharaoh’s.

I despise fear mongering as a strategy and Donald Trump can’t fix the stuff he is promising.

America sees this as red/blue on maps but I do not.

The stock market seems giddy which means politics/hate/fear mongering and the toss-up in the ‘polls’ of who will be President is not a factor right now. I find that most fascinating with the stock market being a lead indicator.

Back to work.

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