WeatherBill – Way Cool Idea

The Weatherbill link and explanation is why I still check in on TechCrunch on occassion. I love to read about the new companies being launched and this one is interesting.

I wish that the site would just do way more of this.

I can think of thousands of golf course owners on the east coast that should be checking this insurance opportunity out.

There has to be a way for one of my investments – to use this type of insurance. Too bad they don’t read my blog. They are always making me send extra emails.


  1. marc says:

    excellent application of this new service. (I had a couple myself…namely for the two days in the year that there are no professional sports leagues to wager on.)

    I too was impressed with this new venture.

    $100 pays even-money for rain in LA next week… I can just see the NYC bookies getting some side-action when the OTB closes for the night.

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