for Sale…Even Rich Dudes Sell Winners to Pay for Losers

With weather a hot subject because of global warming and weather volatility, Landmark Communications has put the Weather Channel up for sale .

I love this part…

The sale of the Weather Channel, these people said, is part of a larger breakup of its parent, Landmark Communications, a privately held company controlled by the Batten family of Norfolk, Va., which also owns daily newspapers and other media properties. Landmark’s newspaper holdings include The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, The News & Record of Greensboro, N.C., and The Roanoke Times in Virginia, as well as 50 other community newspapers . The company, which does not release its earnings, generated $1.75 billion in revenue in 2006 and has 12,000 employees, according to Hoover’s.

They are selling their best asset to pay for the remaining shitty ones that will never ‘bounce’.

Investing 101 mistake.

No doubt that the Weather Channel and are not outstanding assets though.


  1. Michael Lazerow says: is one of the must-visit sites on the web. It’s a killer asset. People come to the site and tell the company where they live (zip code searches) and what they’re interested in. Geo- and behavioral targeting all in one. Lindzon Capital Partners should buy it.

  2. Michael Lazerow says:

    That’s equal to about four pairs of Crocs. Don’t think the offer will warrant a response. You’d also have to play like half a zillion hours of Mental Blocks on Facebook to earn that many.

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