Web in Infancy…Tech Blogging Dead

One thing I love about trend following with stocks is you do not need to be first or even early. You need money management.

One thing I love about the web is how early we still are in the development. If you read this blog you are not a land baron or stock guru or industrial giant (if you are, please don’t admit it here), but you may be a successful web entrpreneur and you sure as hell COULD BE! That’s because the costs of entry drop every day and the market opportunity increases.

It’s good to see that the World Wide Web’s inventor Berners-Lee (not Al Gore) agrees with me .

Technology blogging on the other hand is dead. What the bloggers did not do to themselves with overkill, bitching and overlinking, technology is doing itself with Twitter.

Stay positive and get in the game, just not technology blogging.