Web Video 2013…I am Dead Serious This Time!

Oh dear God it was along time ago that I created and started Wallstrip. The first show was October 15, 2006…I have the blog post to prove it.

My pitch to investors…’Cramer with _____’!

I kid the Cramer!

Lindsay Campbell, our awesome host, continues to be offended by me today. I know this because she tweeted so this morning after one of my obnoxious comments.

In 2006, I was totally inspired by how little I needed CNBC and how much I liked Seinfeld, Larry David, Jon Stewart and Stocks. I was inspired by YouTube and $GOOG (long).

Nothing really happened though. Yes, deals have been done and thousands of companies have been started, even taken public ($BCOV), but it’s all pretty dull and boring.

It feels different though finally. I mean it.

Skype, Google Hangouts, $AMZN, YouTube, iPhone, Android and now today Twitter launching Vine (here is my first one). The social web, the mobile web and our addiction to sharing are just catching their stride.

Today, $AAPL was down $60 points and wiped out $60 billion, but maybe as importantly for the world of video and the market in general, Netflix was up $50. They were supposed to die a horrible death before a 90 year old angry white man named Icahn stepped in with an option trade. Amazon and Google did not blink.

I stand to lose a lot if I am wrong so take my bullishness with a huge grain of salt as usual. Disclosure out of the way…Tubemogul,a company we used in 2006 at Wallstrip (and I am an investor), is flat out rocking. I see their numbers. YouTube is opening up to companies like Blayze (yep I am an investor) to help creators understand their fan base. Google Hangouts has an API that has allowed startups like Colingo to catch fire (yes yes I am an investor). Check out Videolicious, a startup that helps anyone tap their way to awesome videos on their iphone. They have 1.2 million plus downloads and 1,500 businesses using their apps…with just 5 employees (wait for it….I am an investor).

Platforms, Products, API’s, Global Markets…what could go wrong?

1. Mostly Verizon and AT&T. They are the big gatekeepers to bandwith and you just never know with these peeps.

2. Brands could stop advertising. Ya right!

I think this is the year Mortimer!


  1. falicon says:

    Your passion, excitement, and dedication for this space is intoxicating…*that* is what will make you such a successful investor in this space (along with your working knowledge/experience in the space of course).

    I’m always amazed at how long video has taken to ‘get big’ online…it always feels like we are just around the corner from it replacing pictures as the ‘big thing to share’…so far it’s still just around the corner…but hopefully *this* is the year…

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