WEB VIDEO – Inning Two….with a LOT of Upside

I still believe we are early in the Web Video trend.

The YouTube uprising was the first inning and we have been stuck in a rut around advertising and quality and maneuvarability since. I love YouTube and Google Hangouts and I am long $GOOG.

This year it feels like the Advertising world is gaining more confidence and companies are able to meet their needs from a placement and analytics perspective.

Take Tubemogul (full disclosure – I am an investor), which allows you to buy video ads in any format on any source and as of yesterday monitor the audience in real time.

For publishers of content, we now have Videolicious, a company that allows even dummies like me to create magical videos with their phones or laptops on the fly. Here is one I put together yesterday in about three minutes about ‘Momentum’.

Here it is

I can share this video from my iphone or iPad and from any device to any device. Videolicious allows me to mix photos, videos and music on the fly and their algorithm doe the magic editing and mixing.

You MUST download it to believe it.

Another Company that we invested in is StationCreator which helps individuals and businesses stitch together videos from all devices and sources into a lean back channel experience on any device.

I will have many people from the web video companies mentioned in this post at Stocktoberfest to talk about this trend and the opportunities they present in the financial markets.