WEBX – I have enjoyed this one being early but today was payday.

I love this stock and I love this space. WEBX had a nice day again today and has closed at major highs. I have owned it for a while. I am adding more.

This tech stock has been strong for a while, even while other tech leaders swooned. My gut says that if tech leads here for a while, this one will be a continued winnnner.

Please note, that I have a very diversified look at things as I move my focus away from stocks and towards my other investments, new fund, and projects – but I just have that feeling and the market is finally worth talking about again.

As the Chairman notes in his daily New High post – it was tough to be long and wrong today .

I am a cautious bull. Let’s face it – even Applied Materials hit multi-year highs today. Remember them? :)

PS – If Oil slides much more and in a quick manner, the trader in me will be trading OIH from the long side.

Long – Webx

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  1. Eddie Daroza says:

    Dude I tried to hop aboard this same cruise about three years ago. I bought the worst piece of crap CLRO.OB with a quarter of my portfolio. Just look at that and please don’t start crying.

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