Welcome Stocktober…A Month long of Ideas and Lessons Leading up to Stocktoberfest

As I think about the Stocktwits product and community all day, I know the gaps we as a team want to fill. I know that we can never build and deploy fast enough, but we rarely get a chance to spend time with a wide variety of market participants who think about markets (as investors) all day, every day with their own money on the line. Until this event, we have not been able to talk about the new Stocktwits API and showcase partners that are helping to deepen our product offering for an ever larger community

In essence, that is Stocktoberfest.

I don’t yet have the perfect picture of what our fisrt Stocktoberfest will be, but I have strong feelings about what it won’t be. I don’t want to spend our time discussing politics, Europe, China, and the $MACRO because we have had that drilled in our head by big media for four years while the S&P has doubled. The $MACRO matters of course but the trends in place are so big and wide that we should be focused on how to be positioned.

I want to focus on ideas and people that make money and on the processes and new data sets that investors are using. I want to know successful investor routines and the big failures that shaped their strategies that now work.

I want to know what investors with different expertises are thinking about, the brokers they use, the people they do business with and the trends within their industries.

Here is a list of speakers and people I will be interviewing live on the 25th and 26th. I am working on a few more surprises, but rest assured you will be blown away from the different ideas, trends and angles of attack we will come away with for your investing future.