Welcome to StockTwits Dr. Phil…. Pearlman… NOT the Fat Dude on Oprah

So Stocktwits and Soren have made their first hire and it’s a good one. Dr. Phil Pearlman comes aboard to build the community, help mine data and build strategies for the stream.

He’s got oodles of experience from early equity investments in internet companies to running a hedge fund for years to his decade long obsession with the social and psychological dynamics of the web. Even more, he is a true believer in a new guard of financial leadership based on transparency, accountability and meritocracy.

And if that does not sum up StockTwits community, nothing does.

Social Etiquette and Social Media are so new as is Twitter and Phil and I have already spent months Twittering and talking about the type of environment that will allow traders to connect, share ideas and generate actionable profitable trades in real time.

And indeed we are finding that the great thing about traders on StockTwits is the sense of community. Unlike entertainment or politics where opinions and pontifications fly with little on the line, stocktraders and investors are not just making opinions, they are betting their own and other people’s money. They are putting their name and their cash on the line everyday.

It can be a truly lonely experience.

When I did stand-up comedy in my late teens it was much the same scene behind the stage. A bunch of awkward loners (comedians at least in my experience) opening up and sharing once the lights went down

The best thing about traders and stocktwits is people are connecting in real time from many corners of the world already and profiting. It is awesome!

Phil is entrusted to make the experience better for everyone from the hardcore day trader to the long-term investor to the beginner who might learn from guys who are the real deal.

Welcome aboard Phil, now get your ass back to work! :)


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