What A Year For Fashology and Brad Gerstner On High Flying Growth

Before I get started, yesterday my link to the Barclay’s SPAC research was a bad one. Here you go:

Barclays_US_Equity_Linked_Strategies_SPAC_Metamorphosis (1)


My fashology list expanded in 2020. I added Anta Sports (the $LULU of China) in January (here is my blog post) and Farfetch ($FTCH) a few months ago in the 20’s (shared on Stocktwits).

Through Friday, the list has had an incredible year:

The list still remains small at seven. You can follow the list on Koyfin if you have an account (it is free).

In hindsight, fashology might have been the biggest winner of COVID as most of America worked from home and could live in the clothing most comfortable to them. I am ok with being lucky. I am a Rapha guy myself, but I am a fickle fashologist so who knows what 2021 will bring to my wardrobe.

I do NOT expect 2021 to be as rewarding for high growth stocks and that means my fashology stocks, not just software and internet stocks.

As I write about each Monday, momentum is hard to time so I try to let it run it’s course, but in the back of my mind it does feel like we are on borrowed time for these multiples.

If we are on borrowed time, who better than Brad Gerstner of Altimiter Capital to talk about what may happen next. I mentioned Brad yesterday and shared his interview/podcast re SPAC’s.

Brad offered up some great insights in this interview and I highly recommend you take the time to listen.

Brad also launched a SPAC recently which trades under the ticker $AGCUU (Altimeter Growth – no position).

I am off for my Sunday ride. Have a great day.