What Can’t Software Eat?

My hair had a terrible 2018.

I spent December at home working and resting and decided to wear a hat all the time to make life easier.

Now that I am back in work/travel mode a baseball cap won’t work.

I passed a hat store in San Francisco today and thought about wearing a top hat all of 2019:

That was quickly cut short by Ryan with this response:

While time is killing my hair, time is on technologies side.

All the software in the world will not fix my hair, but a lot of software is coming to fix almost everything else.

Marc Andreesen was asked what software won’t be able to eat and he replied:

Interactions of small amount of people under extreme pressure.

He is so right. Startups are coming in wave after wave.

Have a listen to the whole podcast with his partner Ben Horowwitz for some great insights on Talent, Tech Trends and Culture.

Have a great Sunday.

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