What Could Go Right and A ‘Perfect’ Indicator to Get Long?

Gooooood morning from beautiful Coronado.

I am getting into a bit of a morning routine which is nice.

I was reading this morning that China is opening back up. Even Disney China might be opening.

What a different world it is from early 2020.

As I have been covering in my Momentum Monday’s here on the blog for a while, with stocks well below the 200 day moving averages, bad things tend to happen to stocks.

Lately it has been the energy stocks pulled into the bear market.

The tech stocks that led this great long run – the semiconductors – look the weakest technically right now:

The good news is that the longer this bear market runs, the better the bull market will be on the other side.

The key is to keep as much capital as possible for that run and a clear mind.

I saw this great indicator yesterday that I will keep my eye on for a better ‘coast is clear’ to buy stocks. Have a look:

Stocks will have already gone up a lot and you will feel uncomfortable buying stocks and likely feel like you are chasing, but that is how trends work.

Have a great day.