What Does a Market Top Look Like?

Today I was downward dogged in my long time $LULU position.

I don’t care to really dive into the financials of the company tonight. LULU sells overpriced clothes to people that can afford it. Talk about a company ripe for blips in growth and emotional trading.

Every time I get hammered in a fave company I do worry though.

Is it the beginning of the end?

When is the right time if any to average in?

Was today the last great time to sell?

As for the markets, there are signs all around me that it is not a good time to chase stocks.

For one thing, some asshat at Bank of America came out and said his never wrong indicator predicts with 100 percent certainty that stocks will be higher a year from today. I’m sure the same indicator said ‘sell’ in February.

Even more scary was a cold email Bitcoin pitch I received from a founder because his Uber driver told him I was the right guy:

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.33.35 PM

I would be a little careful to be honest for the next few days at least!