What Does Speculation Look Like… MoviePass, Bitcoin and Tilray

There is literally no fear in US markets.

We are moving from explosion to implosion in an endless fashion.

Everyone is a speculator and I would speculate it is due to the massive on boarding of a new investing generation that are loving their free or very low fee trading and group chat.

My friend Charlie Bilelo has been posting some great charts the last 24 hours that made me shake my head so I had to share them.

Let’s start with the 2017 stock market darling MoviePass:

That ended well as you can see.

No worries…weed and Tilray ($TLRY) to the rescue:

This will end very badly, but it has already been bad for ‘smart money’ trying to time when this will end badly.

Bitcoin has been a little different in that speculating in almost EVERY payment strategy has paid off since 2009 when the first Bitcoin transaction took place:

It is truly a 24/7 shock and awe era for speculators.