What Happens at LindzonPalooza, Stays at LindzonPalooza!

If The LindzonPalooza walls could talk…

It was a fantastic weekend with about 50-60 friends making the trek to Phoenix. It was a gorgeous weekend as well.

Most amazing about the weekend was the lack of stock talk and the amazing rhythms of the conversations from a group that was mostly meeting for the very first time.

It is hard to believe that StockTwits is only 6 months old. We have passed 30,000 followers on word of mouth and some hard nosed blocking and tackling in the social web. More amazing is the growth of Twitter and the power of their recommended list. My partner Soren was put on their recommended list a few weeks back and has over 130,000 followers so before you call this trend over, ask yourselves…’WHAT IF THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING?’ I look at the world with a ‘glass is half full attitude’ and tried to get that point across to all the guests this weekend.

I am extremely bullish on Stocktwits, Twitter and Social Media as you know and this weekend just deepens my conviction.

I am disappointed that the nerds, Venture Capitalists and old media can’t get their heads out of their asses and ante up with real money on some of the winners in the space. While we shovel billions down the black holes of AIG, Citibank, GM etc…, the media whines about businesses needing a few years to build insanely loyal niche audiences. Actually, I am happy about that really as I continue to charge ahead investing in the people and ideas that will try and shape social media in the next 100 years.

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