This blog has gotten too negative. I actually shorted a stock into this mess. I deserve to lose money.

Don’t even start with Cramer was crying on Today show because he was worried Spitzer would roll on him for being cleint #8 and sharing the chick’s phone number with La Spitzenator. I won’t go there :) .

Screw that. I am optimistic and although it hurts traffic, will resume my optimistic, though cash rich (fund, not me) self.

There are certain things that could go right

1. What if…Goldman’s $3 billion write-off and banning hotty Abby Joseph Cohen from shil status may be a bottom (not one worth buying yet…still :) )

2. What if…Microsoft is Walking from Yahoo and NOBODY wants it. I have speculated on my blog from day one that Microsoft is messing with Yahoo and now the stock price implies the same. Microsoft so does not need Yahoo. Yahoo just splits up and Microsoft rocks back to $35.

3. What if…SEC shuts down CNBC from offering anything other than quotes and porn. Could/should happen.

4. What if…our leadership steps up with a plan other than rate cuts. O.K. I am reaching.

5. What if…the chart of Lehman Brothers is just a dumb panic. Of course it looks like Bear Stearns chart. They do the exact same stupid things. It’s still just a bet. It’s not supposed to be this easy in either direction so be careful shorts and longs right now.

Not a toatlly optimistic post, but have you been freaking watching the news people. This is a good first step!

What else could go right?

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