What if it is a BEAR Market?

The market won’t go to zero overnight and as we saw this Friday on a half day, bears can get roasted for leaning on the indexes after sharp declines.

BUT, everyone loses money in bear markets, if not in the stock market, than elsewhere, so it pays to focus on market prices even more in bad times.

Short-term, there could be more of the same upside as Friday. Holiday sales were amazing (no idea if I believe this crap, but it is the headline) and Asia is rocking tonight .

I am long so happy if we rock higher but lot’s of damage has been done, my stocks included.

It’s all Nintendo and Apple this christmas. Synaptics looks to be the strongest of the component companies through this mess.

In the financials, if you are going to own one name, Mastercard may offer the best upside to a strong holiday season. We have covered it on Wallstrip and it has been on fire since. PayPass and being an intermediary is quite a good business. Legal bookies.

Ragin Cajun has a great risk reward entry post for this stock right here . I have been looking hard at it tonight and this will likely be my next purchase, for my kids as well.

Disclosure – Long Nintendo, Apple and Synaptics