What If The Markets are UnderValued…

I love to keep it simple. It drives smart people crazy, especially when it comes to financial markets.

My favorite market conversations come with technology people (geeks) who don’t think they know anything about the markets.

Take a look at this simple chart shared by Jason Calacanis yesterday about the Nasdaq and 20 years of the internet…


The internet is gathering momentum in year 20 with the global, mobile web.

Baidu (Chinese search Giant) just paid $375 million to compete in web video and in India, web video consumption just doubled. Netflix was dead last year and now after one of the greatest pivots/refreshes of all time, back on top. Let’s be honest, Google or Apple could be a trillion dollar company, Apple will do $200 BILLION in sales this year.

Last week I was invited on the Jason Calcanis news podcast called ‘This Week In‘. Here is the full episode (no need to watch, but a great listen if you have the time):

The geeks are as granular around their new products like Google Glass as we on Stocktwits are about trending tickers by the minute.

At the end of the discussion I start explaining to Jason and EnGadget that they are thinking too small with respect to their writing. They are slapping Blackberry ads against content that Wall Street might pay millions for. Nobody on Wall Street got me interested in Tesla…in fact Wall Street is short Tesla. Jason, the early adopter and lover of all things Tesla has been raving to his large audience of early adopters about the product for a year. When I combined the product buzz with the price and volume buzz I got long the stock on my own and the signal produced a huge gain.

The internet has of course broken down old industries and exploded new ones onto the scene. My gut is the next 10 years will see more of the same but also more of a melding of everything and unique new business models both niche and scalable.

One look at Jason’s simple chart above makes me feel that another spike is out there, especially in the loose global monetary world we live in today.


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