What are $TWIT (Twitter) and $FBOOK (Facebook) Worth

Yesterday on Twitter I decided it was time to make public stock symbols of $twit and $fbook.

In the tech blog world they are talked about as much as any other web/tech companies. Public or not, that is important and there are some valuable discussions going on that can explain otrher trends in software, hosting, photography etc…

I tweeted that I was a buyer of $twit at $300 million and than I joked that @ev (founder) and Goldman Sachs were hitting my bid (taking my offer).

Luckily I woke up this morning to an article from Robert Scoble that $twit is underhyped and probably worth $5 to $10 billion . It’s a good piece about momentum in private companies and why they are so hard to value by the public companies that sometimes buy them.

I am happy to sell at that price Robert so thanks Scoble. Have your banker call my banker :) .

In all seriousness, the $ (tag) is a perfect one for categorizing contextual market chatter and idea exchange about public stocks and I think private momentum companies as well.

If you think you have something important to say on the $twit and $fbook subject or a great link from one of the tech/web writers that will help our community of investors/traders make sense of the private marketplace for these products, fire out a stocktweet for us.

We are gathering them in real time here and here . It’s just day two, but I expect we will get tons of good feedback in an organized and relevant timeline.

Like with public companies, I want to know who the ‘AXE’ is on the subject of $twit and $fbook.


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