What is Your Investing Risk Score?

If you read my blog you know I believe we need to be teaching the language of money and investing starting in middle school.

The sooner we learn to invest, the sooner we get to know ourselves.

Like being punched or cut, taking risk reveals your emotional and behavioral tolerance for what will be one of the most important parts of your life…money.

Today, the ‘yoots’ are all about investing…stocks, options, collectibles, NFT’s, crypto and real estate.

Take a look at Moneymade.io and see for yourself the now hundreds of investing apps at a kids fingertips.

Anyone can get a ‘sleep score’.

Everyone has a ‘credit score’…Rachel and Max just learned about that when I sent them to freecreditreport.com to track their own.

Aaron Klein started Riskalyze and I was a putz for not investing. Aaron used to come to Stocktoberfest and pitch me but I wanted the ‘risk score’ to be in the hands of every individual investor, not just the financial advisors.

Investors today should be able to carry their risk score around the investing internet (including Tinder) and be matched with people, products and ideas that match their risk profile.

Your investing risk score is part of your soul and does not say anything about your character or attractiveness.

It took me decades to figure out my score and I am convinced someone will create a system and API for making this more mainstream.

Hit me up if you have ideas because I want to see this in the wild.