What Next…A Day later

Very happy day. I do love being out of the office and comfortable that the market won’t cave.

That said, judging from my portfolio, many trends have ended.

The Fed is in action and are talking tough now. That’s good. There will be excessive speculation about if they waited too long or should have acted at all…who cares, they did!

I am extremely bulllish, but I look at everything as half full. The start-up market has never been better. You need an Apple laptop , imagination and a great marketing brain and you can start a business. the tools have never been cheaper and the market bigger. Don’t be trapped by the media negativity.

Apple, Garmin, Baidu, Google, RIMM (missed a nice 30 point move), ADBE and Chipotles, NVDA, ERTS, SYNA, NUAN – my faves have had hardly a dent as of today’s close. Seeing that I have been a net seller of these, I would be fine with 20-30 percent drops and I won’t hate myself for not selling. But, anything I bought yesterday was out the door this morning.

I will stick with doing less because of the action overseas and the sheer unknowns of the financial mess many youngsters in the hedge fund world have created.

I look at my Sotheby’s ‘tell’ and that confirms the skittishness of money.

I like my position because I am fine with being wrong. If we shoot straight up, the stocks I own will likely be the strongest and give me plenty of juice.

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