What were YOU Doing March 9, 2009 …and Why Blogging Is the Best Retirement Investment You Can Make!

Should everyone blog?

Wait…everyone is blogging!

I guess the question is, if you talk about your cat…are you blogging? Can your cat blog make you smarter? Can you retire off your cat blog?

You will have to trust me that cat blogging or 99.9 percent of blogging will not make you money. I can guarantee you though that financial blogging will make you wise.

I believe that writing about anything will make you smarter, but writing about your money will make you wealthy.

In March 2009, the world was imploding financially. That was just two years ago. Morgan Stanley was calling for another 25 percent drop. Trust me when I tell you that never happened. THIS is what happened.

It is hard to make money off a financial blog because guys like Eddy Elfenbein, a wicked smart, hilarious and insanely free blog has beaten the market with his simple January 1 buy list for the last 4 years straight.

Now I just jinxed the bastard so be careful everyone before you go blow your retirement dough. But, it’s ok to jinx him because he does not make a living of huis FREE blog or fantastic email. He blogs all things financial to make himself WEALTHY.

I will be honest here so as not to offend Jim Cramer, but Eddy is NO Lenny Dykstra, though like Lenny, Eddy is ‘height’ challenged. Eddy is jewish so there is no way he played baseball like Lenny. Eddy does not owe $30 million to the banks either. Eddy does not charge for his ‘option picks’ like Lenny did for TheStreet.com and Eddy was not annointed by Jim Cramer as the second coming of well…Jim Cramer.

To refresh…please don’t let THIS happen to you unless you too are ‘The Fonz’!

Blog about your money and thank me later.


  1. Anonymous says:

    >>the question is, if you talk about your cat…are you blogging? Can your cat blog make you smarter? Can you retire off your cat blog?<<

    What if a cat blogs about stocks? I think that makes everyone smarter. I share my weekly watchlists and am not looking to retire from it, just make a little catnip and cheezburger money on the side.

    Good article!

  2. James Altucher says:

    Reminds me of seeing my all-time favorite writer, Denis Johnson, writing an article for Fortune magazine a few years ago. He’s known for he collection of short stories “Jesus’ Son” in the early 90s. My thought when seeing him in Fortune was, “YOU CANT do that! I CAN do that. Not you!” I was disappointed. The value of our heroes keeps going down.

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