What's MY Gameplan in the Markets?

As a long-term trend follower, i like to get fully invested as the general market improves. It will take a while after the bear we had. In the meantime, over 50 percent of my fund’s money has slowly been investing in private companies. The last few weeks and looks like this week, some stocks are creeping into my portfolio.

If you can’t follow price action, and economic figures are clouding your head…it won’t hurt you to do less.

Here is a chart from @keithshepard that will show you what I like to see.

The breakouts and price action I am seeing that confirm what I am looking at on that chart.

To make money in good markets, you can’t think. It feels like we are upon one. I don’t have price tragets to give you. I have no idea where the markets or individual stocks can/will run too. When I enter a position, I have a stop in mind. It will slowly move up if the stock continues to move up after I buy it.

The chart shows you that there is no rush to get long. If we are truly entering a good market, they tend to last a while.

DO NOT rush in. Let good breakouts and price action slowly get you invested.

Here is a list of all-time higs:

$TKLC, $ARO, $HTS, $ARST (own it), $STEC, $HMSY (own it), $SWKS, $MVL, $CLW, $MJN, EW, $MGEE, $AAP, $ROST, $OPTR, $ULSM, $MV, $MFE, $BPSG

HERE is a list of stocks to remind you that trends end and stops are important:


No shortcuts.

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