What's up with Apple?

Is it Dell – NO?

The stock is stuck for now.

I would like to see it in the 40’s and am keeping my powder dry. I do own a tiny piece and my cost basis is so low I don’t think I will ever part with it.

The stores are still the long-term gem for Apple. No competitor can catch them – EVER – in this area, because of the experience they offer. Can’t be duplicated in this market.

Maybe it just marks time in the 50’s and shakes out all the weak holders and breaks out again with a fully Skyped iPhone at Christmas?

The more I travel, the more I find myself using iTunes over other software. This last trip to New York had me watching 6 hours of “The Office”. I can’t believe how funny that show is by the way. Classic in a “WKRP in Cincinnati kind of way.”

iTunes and the iPod user base are just going to be tough to beat so the story remains intact.