Where Were You On March 9, 2009

I love having a blog.

It gives me a timeline into how I was thinking.

By March 2009, I was exhausted by the markets and I hardly owned any stocks. On March 6, I titled my post ‘All I Need Is A Gun and A Working ATM Card‘. It was raw, but mostly dead on as to how stock market investors felt.

It felt like a bottom to me, but as I wrote that day:

I owned International Game Technology and took a large loss last year in the 20’s. It’s 8.

I have traded Federal Express the last year as it was poleaxed, but gave up a few months ago in the 60’s. It’s now under $40 and the government is threatening to unionize.

I was a buyer of American Express at $28 and every few points down and took a loss at $20. It’s $10.

The bottom was to come just a few days later on March 9, 2009. I made so many mistakes leading up and since March 2009, but at least I was buying stocks that day (from the beach). Holding would have been the real move.

There is a Seinfled clip called ‘The Car Reservation‘ which just pops into my head every time I think about the crash, the bottom in 2008/2009 and my failure to hold the Netflix, Amazon and Salesforce I was buying March 9th.