Which Brands Will Go BYE BYE in 2009…

The year 2008 saw many brands disappear :

* Mervyns filed for bankruptcy protection in July and began liquidation sales at remaining stores.

* Linens ‘n Things filed for bankruptcy protection in May. It announced liquidation sales at its stores in October.

* Steve & Barry’s filed for bankruptcy protection in July, then later said it would liquidate.

* KB Toys filed for bankruptcy protection before Christmas and has begun to liquidate its stores.

* The Bombay Co. declared bankruptcy in September 2007 and shut its stores by last January.

* Sharper Image Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection in February and closed all its stores.

* Woolworths Group in Britain put its nearly century-old retail business into administration.

* Bear Stearns Cos. was bought by JPMorgan Chase & Co. in March in a deal orchestrated by the government.

* Lehman Bros. Holdings Inc. reported a $4-billion loss, then declared bankruptcy in September, the largest ever in the United States.

* ATA Airlines filed for bankruptcy April 2 and ceased operations the next day.

* Aloha Airlines shut down passenger service in March, shortly after filing for bankruptcy.

* Skybus Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection in April.

I would love to see ‘TRUMP’ disapear from the world and have his buildings just say ‘Anything BUT Trump’ (miniscule letters on Trump). I have been negative on SIRIUS and it’s basically bankrupt but that is a business that could possible be reorganized and has some value.

I would also think we will lose a homebuilder, a big semi-conductor business and as usual – 1 or 2 airlines.

The big surprise if things stay bad could be a big Telecom and or handset company.

What say you…