Who is MORE Pathetic…Microsoft or Steve Ballmer?

I guess Steve was sweating and ranting over at the Web 2.0 conference while I wwas with my family at Alcatraz. That’s interesting seeing that Steve Ballmer needs some solitary confinement.

He needs to be gone and Microsoft needs to be split up…yesterday.

Seeing that he was giving out his email address today – [email protected]if you want to sell him your company, please email him . Especially you FLY ! I have begn sending him all-time high tech breakouts at the close.

Today’s e-mail Message:

Hi Steve…Howard here from Wallstrip (you could have bought us too) – Here’s who is cranking today other than you – Apple, Adobe, Logitech, Dolby and Synaptics. Not YOU! Happy to trade for you if you need to diversify…unless you quit you should. Howard ([email protected])

The e-mail has not bounced back yet so Steve and I are now chatting :) . He should follow my twitters too.


  1. greenskeptic says:

    Ballmer can give out his email because he knows he won’t get your email — after all, he’s using a Microsoft product!

  2. Dogwood says:

    You sold to old media for $5 million. Should have whored yourself to old software for $100 million.

    Is it time to launch Wallstrip, The Sequel?

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