Who needs Internet when there is JUICE

Hansen’s Juice – Guava sugar in a bottle – has had a meteoric rise the last few years hitting $123 today from $2 and answering the question, why does trend following work. It works because you never know which all-time high is going to keep going higher.

It hit an all-time high in October 2003 at $2 and has not breached any sell rules in the systems I use. That is a 60 bagger in less than three years and they don’t even PROVIDE SEARCH.

Odds are it will not end well for the stock. But that is what a trailing stop is for and proper position sizing in your portfolio to account for each stock’s volatility. You can’t predict the top but if you use sound money management, winners like this happen and longer-term profits are realized in long-term, mechanical systems.

By the way – what the hell are they putting in that juice? Warrants? Cash?