Why Am I Negative? Could be all the Asshats!

That is the question of the day on my blog and email stream.

I want to be clear…I am not negative. I am pissed.

I am pissed because our government is focused on dealmaking and not policy. I don’t have the answer to the financial debacle, but I have sure read some good ones in the blogosphere since mid last year and none of them are being deployed.

I still have not heard or seen a good one deployed by Bush or Obama.

Today, I heard an interesting one. Since most of the bad loans took place between 2003-2007 – just have the government go and guarantee those loans or interest until things settle down. We need to cordon off the bad debt not give money to the [email protected]%knuts that got us in this mess because they are politicing and dealmaking not taking care of policy.

Other than that I am optimistic, just not optimistic about equities or debt markets. I think the safest bet is to give risk capital to entrepreneurs which is the reason for my rant in the last post.

I should be pleased as the lunacy feeds easy material to The Fly for his ‘Asshat of The Month Series’ whose second show flaming CNBC is right on the money: