Why I am Quitting Twitter and the Social Web

It is time I left the social web.

I am tired of the laughs and all the goodwill. I am tired of instigating conversation and having legendary investors and leaders converse with me in a random way.

I am sick of seeing crazy looking people with awesome pitches show up on Google Hangouts…crazies like this guy:

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 8.01.57 AM (though I may invest)

All the damn sharing of ideas that have helped me clear my head and focus my thinking….waste of time.

I will blog of course, because of all the new spare time I will now have. But the comments will be shut off, because I hate the idea of someone smart saying hello.

The silo is what I need. From this silo I will write stuff that will get more page views. It’s the page views that matter in the end.

I plan to change the title of my blog as well.

Welcome to Zero.Zero#Zero…I Hate Citibank…The World is Ending…Get Out Now


  1. Roy Liu says:

    another upside: you no longer have to flick thru the ads that are inundating your newsfeeds & timelines. So, win-win.

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