Why I Bought a Little More Apple

So I bought a little more $AAPL just now at $510.

It’s not a momentum trade…$AAPL has none if you actually read or watch TV. If you draw a ton of straight lines on some long term $AAPL charts you can convince yourself of pretty much anything, so I am not buying for any technical reasons.

Today, it’s mostly about feel, which breaks most of my rules.

The Apple maps release is a monumental fiasco. I say this as a guy who would have been happy to leave $GOOG maps. Now that I have been burned, I doubt $AAPL will ever win me back to maps. They forced Google to up their game and make it pretty perfect.My home screen in mobile is all Google apps (no bummer as I am very long $GOOG).

Maybe that’s what Apple wanted. Only Tim Cook knows. It’s his version of ‘App a Dope’!!!???

What I do know is…I have spent more money at Apple the last 2 months than at any same period over the last 10 years. Lot’s of iMacs 21’s and 27’s which they must print money on. Lot’s of iPad mini’s (not a big fan, but it makes total sense for them to expand the economy).

The phone and tablet war is definitely a margin shootout, but it is fast, global, deep and just beginning.

My feeling is the pie is plenty big enough for Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google…even Nokia and Blackberry.

As I mentioned last night though, I think today is the day that Apple starts going up again and $RIMM starts going down again.

I will eat crow here tomorrow again if I am wrong, but I wont stay wrong to prove a point.

Today is the Super Bowl for American Business. Yesterday was one hell of a pre-game with Google and $IBM.

Very exciting times to be an investor that can interact on Stocktwits and be a little closer in to the action…at least in spirit.


  1. fb_stockpro says:

    yea..even for a uber bull like myself i had been warning people for months to stay out of AAPL and put $ in Facebook, Google and Amazon

    the enthusiasm for AAPL is over. sorry

  2. Gareth Green says:

    So you are up 150% and with your kid going to school in 2 years, you are comfortable letting it ride on a single stock? …. I hope you are right ….

  3. Atlanta Tweeps says:

    RIMM is example of imagination trumping reality. This is why sell the news works. Iphone5 was sell the news for many since it didn’t compare to imagination. Plus every time Tim Cook tries to act like Jobs it just reminds people Jobs is gone and they think about the “sugar water” era and get nervous. Apple may need to change their presentation style and ditch the whole stage performance. Do the next product reveal from Manhattan storefront broadcast it on internet – Wall Street will love it.

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