Why I Invested in Buddy Media

I wrote this piece for AlleyInsider.com as they wanted an insight into my investment decision .

I think I left out that I trust my instinct in the end on all early/angel investments. Wiring that money puts all the blame on me if something goes wrong. Unlike a stock, I can’t sell the next day. I crave the give and take energy of angel investment opportunities, and I do best when I do my work and trust my instincts. Definitely not perfect and not a mystery, but something I feel good sharing and getting feedback on.

I do think you can better with age though. I wonder when/if age once again becomes a hindrance? I hope it does not :) .

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  1. I think it never becomes a hindrance as long s you keep learning. I know so much more about what makes a company successful now than I used to that my investment decisions are completely different. That being said, I, too trust my gut on angel investments.

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