Why Should We Play By The Rules?

I love this riff from Ben Hunt in his post titled ‘The Age of the High-Functiong Sociopath‘.

Why should we play by the rules when raccoons like Donald Trump and Masayoshi Son not only break them with impunity and ludicrous intent, but are celebrated and made rich for breaking them?
Why should we care about anything when nothing matters?

Because you’re not a sociopath.

Because you care about your Pack.

Yes, this is the Age of the High-Functioning Sociopath. Yes, this is the Age of Sheep Logic. Yes, this the age where scale and mass distribution are ends in themselves, where the supercilious State knows what’s best for you and your family, where communication policy and fiat news shout down authenticity, where rapacious, know-nothing narcissism is celebrated as leadership even as civility, expertise, and service are mocked as cuckery.

Stipulated. What, did you think this was going to be easy?

These clowns don’t deserve us. And it will take decades of a persistent, bottom-up social movement that rejects and negs and ridicules them … ALL OF THEM … before we have the opportunity to reclaim our world.

The Age of the High-Functioning Sociopath will never change on a single point of failure like an election. Or a “suicide”. Or an impeachment. Or a busted IPO.
But a MILLION points of failure? A MILLION points of rejection and negging and ridicule?
Yeah, that can work.

So let’s get started.

Life has felt like a simulation for me the last few weeks as I do planes, trains, buses and ubers around the globe.

Now that I am back in the US getting back into a work routine, only the narratives I am immersed in are different.

Here, in our world, it is all about the economy and the Democrats versus the Republicans and a stock market that Ben Hunt says ( and I fully agree) is politicized.

The simulation and politicization of the stock market and economy continues …these tweets from Orange Julius exactly 7 years apart…

It’s no wonder we binge on Peloton’s and LULU clothing and Apple watches and noise cancelling airpods and Disney + and Tik Tok …

Disclosure – long Apple, LULU, Disney