Will You Be Pittsburgh or Detroit? AND Please Don't Be Dubai!

My buddy Mike has a fantastic post titled ‘Will you Be Pittsburgh or Detroit‘. Basically, Pittsburgh reinvented themselves. As Mike eloquently states:

Many of us are faced with the same issues that Pittsburgh and Detroit faced – unemployment, growing debt, lost wealth, skills that are no longer valued or even needed at all. Quite simply a total shattering of all that we thought was true about corporations, the economy, rational markets and ourselves.

Out of this turmoil comes the ability to transform. MBAs on Wall Street are now building social games. Lawyers are now teaching. Traders are now traveling the world.

As you are hit with adversity in whatever form it presents itself, will you transform? Will you become Pittsburgh and thrive in these challenging times? Or will you flounder like Detroit, unable to adapt?

If you are just waiting around for a miracle…it is not coming. January is worse than December. I know because I am making calls to all my companies and travelling around the country listening to sales people, good ones, tell me that numbers are not being met – by a longshot.

If you think the Government will save you with their ridiculous ‘Spending Plans’, you are HIGH.

Until the government learns to invest, not just spend, you are best to SAVE and invest further in yourself. I see no signs of the government seriously ‘BAILING’ us out in a healthy manner.

PS – Just don’t be Dubai …Knuckleheads!

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