Windzon Weally Woves Widgets – Now We have a Widgetslab at the Blogging Times.

I love widgets. They are like little toys. I always loved toys. Always will.

I have wanted a Widget Section for the Blogging Times since I bought in. Tomorrow we launch it. It is authored by widget freak and guru Derek Anderson . Derek lives in the heartland of the internet and widgets – Minnesota. Mosquito widget capital of the world. We will be wailing on widgets daily. We will go “deep” on widgets. Welcome aboard Derek.

Many thanks to Badge master and legend Tim Post of Flying Seeds fame for introducing me to Derek.

More widget news –

One of my favorite widgets/companies Yelp just raised $10 million from Benchmark. With $16 million raised and a great engine and style, I like their chances. There are many partnerships to be had that will bring revenue for this cool, useful service.

Widgets are powerful. At GolfNow, we just released a Yahoo desktop widget for tee times. There are 2,200 downloads already. With a rush for our best tee time deals, the widget mongers can snatch the best tee times with RSS and our widget without waiting for that ancient snail method of communication – EMAIL :) .

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