Wish List for 2009

I have avoided stock market and stock predictions for 2009 the last few weeks and just doling out ideas and thoughts. I feel juiced from the energy of this great community and less pressured to be ON all the time. I am excited to write in 2009.

I have no idea what to wish for in technology because I have no idea how even the simplest gadget works. I am still stunned by the power of a calculator. In lieu of technology wishes here, you have the luxury of getting some from Fred Wilson, who has way more experience than me and sees more opportunities in the early stage than most of us.

Here is Fred’s wish list for 2009 .

I think it would be great if most of his wishes came to fruition but most important to me is the following statement from Fred:

Obama turns out to be a closet conservative…I hope he realizes that the world is changing and not every company and industry can be saved, not every worker can keep their old job, and not every problem can be solved with money (money we don’t really have).

Amen. I am not convinced Obama is on the path Fred wishes and that has me the most concerned for the global economyas we head into 2009.

On another of Fred’s wishes, I am not sure I have the skills and/or determination and money to see this wish of Fred’s come true, but we need this one to keep innovation humming:

The development of a real functioning secondary market for private companies – This is another thing I’ve written a lot about. The IPO market is dead. The M&A market is on hiatus for the most part and even when it works, many companies get bought and then slowly die inside the parent company. We need a way for founders, employees, and investors to get liquid on their investments or the whole startup ecosystem is going to get messed up. I am not talking about dumping our shares on widows and orphans. I am talking about a marketplace where seasoned, savvy, and qualified investors can transact in private company shares. The good news is that there’s already one well financed company operating in this space, called Second Market, of course. I am rooting hard for their success and also for anyone else who gets into this business. We need it.

I would love to contribute in some way to this market evolving.

There is no doubt that we will all learn to do ‘more with less’ especially if you want to thrive and enjoy the new world order.

Less is indeed more and with social networks shrinking the world, opportunities will abound no matter what comes to pass in the year ahead.

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