Witch Hunts and CAT FIGHTS – the blogosphere is HIGH SCHOOL!

The nerds are fighting over in techville today. Just surfing on some tech news over at TechMeme and read all about it.

It’s Arrington vs. Carr . The fight is working for their traffic. I am busy and writing about it.

Personally, I love TechCrunch . I was helping GolfNow set up some Web 2.0 features at the end of last year and the site was invaluable.

My investment in local Lifelock was spawned from reading his post about a competitor.

For all I care, Mike can type naked on his porch, have conflicts of interest up the wazoo and have as many ads on his blog as he wants. THE SITE ADS VALUE to my life. Unless Lifelock does not work out – than he is an ass! :)

For that matter I also have Nicholas Carr on my blogroll. I don’t check in quite as often, but I like his nasty, opposing view on things. That adds value to my Manic Life.

Now that I am blogging and an investor in The Blogging Times I expect to get in a few cat fights as well. Already have with this one character who you can find for yourself. I need to remember to get some thick skin though and be a little nicer when I have the chance.

Doubt it :)

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  1. Frank Ruscica says:

    A transparent — and liquid — market for the ad spaces on single-creator media solves the problem, as adbitrageurs will profit from identifying and helping to popularize undervalued blogs…

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