Witstream – The Power of Community and Curation in Comedy …Laughs at Your Fingertips

I am a huge fan of Lisa Cohen who founded Witstream. She loves comedy and she is hysterical. She is also an amazing entrepreneur. Tom and I invested in her Company last year.

Comedy is a tough way to make a living for everyone it seems. I sucked at it and YukYuk’s has the proof (thank god there was no internet or iPhones in the 80’s).

Twitter and the iPhone changed that for me. The problem of course is curation. I use twitter for news and technology geekage and I don’t use lists. I don’t want the geeks or journalists cracking wise about Donald Trump or Syria, but I do want to be able to open up an app and laugh about topics I know the comedy writers are thinking about as they read the news.

Witstream makes that happen.

Lisa has taken it 8 steps further with Witstream and today’s new mobile app launch is awesome.

I guarantee you will add some hilarity to your day.

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  1. William Mougayar says:

    I just updated it.

    Nice blog design btw! I had to do a double-take.
    Responsive design and everything. Welcome to 2013.

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