Writers in Bed with Venture Capitalists…OY

The writer’s strike is bad and getting worse.

It was inevitable that a group of writer’s with an entrepreneurial bent would bed up with Venture Capitalists . Poor bastards those writers. bad to worse :) .

It won’t end well for the early ones .

My advice was and remains as follows:

Here than are two EASY LESSONS FOR THE TALENT AS THEY HEAD TO THE INTERNET to try and start all over:

1. Tell CAA to stick it up their ass or any agent that approaches you

2. Tell VC’s the same thing , just louder. Barry likes the idea. It’s a great post, but wrong on this matter .

Any normal VC, one without an ego and star struck, would hold onto that $30 million. The good news for the first few groups of writers that are willing to be bold and take it… plenty of VC’s are star globbers and name droppers.

The good news and there is good news is that it’s not a black or white, fail or not fail situation for the industry and web video, just part of the massive change underway.