Yahoo Bloooows up…I mean Down!

Does anyone really care?

If a web stock blows up in the woods and no one is watching….

Actually, I would…but only if we were in a raging momentum market and this news hit the wire . Instead, Yahoo has blown for 2 years and this is more stink on shit, if possible!

We all make mistakes so I should not pile on, but this one has been telegraphed.

If you still own this dog, $18 is still a good price to get out. Of course, it could get taken over, but unless you manage billions, not sure how if Yahoo is something you own :) , who the [email protected]$ck cares except the employees.

Yahoo is a media company. Too many VP’s. Too many acquisitions piled on no core growth. Old story. Getting real old now.

They are bumming me out. All of tech is at this point.


  1. JimK says:

    From my standpoint on the editorial front, Yahoo Finance stands out as a glaring example of being way off key, missed opportunity. Content is King and using wire copy sure isn’t the way to pull readers in.

  2. 2and20 says:

    i think Yahoo Finance is excellent. kicks Google’s a** anyway. how Google cannot even get the FX rates (eg EUR/USD) the right way round on its main page amazes me. plus it doesn’t seem to have bonds, or futures, etc.

    Yahoo should open a brokerage and link it to Yahoo Finance. surely a winner?

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