Yahoo Board Overheard…'I Want my Mommy'

If Ballmer was not a big enough Yutz on all things web and consumer electronics, he is now taking advice from 95 year old internet genius and likely co-creator (with Al Gore), Carl Icahn.

He has written an open letter to shareholders – half in pencil and half with a fountain pen and lot’s of liquid paper to cover his mistakes. The Y on his typewriter is broken.

This is like watching three horse and buggy carriers get together and worry about trains and automobiles by merging and saving on HAY.

It’s pathetic enough now that Time Warner has entered the fray.

There is not a web MIND in the group of leaders, but plenty of ego’s. It’s not even fun at this point other than to be mocked by selling of the common shares which is what Microsoft and Time Warner shareholders continue to do.

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