Yahoo to Buy Sirius…Seriously

I am hearing rumors (in my head) that Yahoo (YHOO) is buying Sirius (SIRI) .

At $2 billion, the deal may make sense for Yahoo.

The deal would get Yahoo immediate access to the automobile and a huge lead on Google in at least one area. The automobile industry has never looked bleaker, but let’s face it, as long as we have a hint of spirit, the automobile is a media outlet worth OWNING and not in some half asshat way.

After the Sirius bid, Yahoo should buy Direct TV and buy JetBlue (Yahoo Air) and partner with iTunes.

For the dagger, cut a deal with Steve Wynn, the tobacco companies and the federal government to allow gambling and smoking on certain flights. Cut the unions by sharing tobacco and gambling profits with pilots and stewardesses (I mean flight attendants, bartenders, pillow salesmen).

Sirius has imploded as I have LONG harped on this blog that it would (I am not buying the stock on these voices in my head), but the distribution is worth something no?

Yang needs to show some balls now that he has proven he can lay some woopass on a 90 year old banker.

Man I would have some fun running Yahoo. Too bad I have quit three times.

I take it all back and now nominate myself as CEO of Yahoo.

Disclosure – Long Yahoo (recently) and sober (sadly).

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